2 ways to get Holowear Tickets in Pokémon Unite

We bring you more interesting content related to Pokémon Unite. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download, we now bring you information on one aspect you may have questions about: how can we get more Holowear Tickets, also known as Holoatuendos Tickets?

Many fans find it a bit difficult to get their hands on these tickets, as they are not plentiful in the game when it comes to redeeming them at Zirco Trading for Pokémon costumes. However, here are the ways in which you can currently get them.

They are as follows:

  • How to get them A:
    • Maximize and complete the Battle Pass to open a Battle Pass Prize Box. Inside, there are Holowear Tickets.
    • You can get a Prize Box every 130 points after you have reached the maximum level in the Battle Pass.
  • How to get them B:
    • Get them through the Energy Reward lottery system. By spending energy, you can try your luck at getting a reward with a chance of getting Holoatuendos tickets.
    • The probability of getting these tickets is quite low and the amount of tickets you will receive is only 10 (not enough to get a skin, the cheapest is currently 18 tickets).