Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons needs new types of star fragments

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community has long been clamouring for new content for the title, which has been lacking for over a year since its release on Nintendo Switch.

One of the mechanics that this game introduced to the series was the ability to build different objects based on raw materials that can be obtained either in nature or in special events. One of them is star fragments, which can be obtained by wishing upon a shooting star as it passes through the sky above our island.

Once we collect them, we will need recipes to make use of them, recipes that will be given to us by a special character called Estela, who appears when a star shower is about to take place, and who gives us a recipe every month. This recipe changes depending on the month, which means that a person who has started collecting these recipes since the launch of the game will already have them all in their possession.

Therefore, many of these players would benefit greatly if Nintendo were to implement a specific update in this regard, including, among other things, new types of star fragments that allow us to create a new repertoire of objects to decorate our island.