What’s new in Animal Crossing: New Horizons could be implemented in Figaro’s cafeteria?

Animal Crossing is a popular Nintendo series with a great diversity of content and characters throughout the series, but unfortunately, fans didn’t find all this content (or at least not as much as they expected) in New Horizons, the Nintendo Switch release.

For this reason, and after more than a year since the title’s release, the community has been demanding new updates with more relevant content and different mechanics, something that could include Figaro’s café, an element we last saw in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, for Nintendo 3DS. As it turns out, references to it were previously found in the game’s code for the hybrid console, and a few months ago we even compiled everything we knew about the arrival of Figaro’s café in New Horizons. This time, we’ll try to imagine how it could work better:

  • As in the past, the cafeteria would be located right underneath the Museum, so it would also save more experienced players from having to remodel their entire island to make room for this new element.
  • Nintendo could implement a mini-game, so that it is the player himself who serves coffee to the island’s neighbours, thus making the activity within the title even more dynamic.