This is HORI Flex, a Nintendo Switch controller designed with accessibility in mind

It seems that HORI continues to release new products for Nintendo Switch. This time Nintendolife has shared that the HORI Flex controller is now available in the West (it was available in Japan since last year).

These are its features:

  • This controller is quite large and features a large set of options and inputs that allow you to connect a variety of buttons, sensors, sticks and more via 3.5mm jacks to create a totally unique control setup.
  • This allows you to easily connect a single button for a specific input, or create a custom control environment tailored to your personal comfort and physical ability.
  • Ultimately, this controller makes any Switch game much more accessible and inclusive.

You can see a taste of its potential in the video below:

Normally when we think of controllers, most people do not think of people who have some kind of problem (either physical or motor), so it is always welcome that there are proposals like the controller we have just shown you, so that anyone, regardless of their limitations, can also enjoy any title on Nintendo’s hybrid console.