The people behind Eiyuden Chronicle are confident that in 2023 there will be new Nintendo hardware on the market to launch the game on.

You probably remember that Eiyuden Chronicle confirmed a delay at E3 2021 until 2023. Well, today we have news of this game, which is destined to come to a Nintendo console according to the people behind the game.

On the game’s official Kickstarter page, they’ve now clarified a little more about what they mean by this intention to release it on a Nintendo platform. It seems that it won’t be Nintendo Switch, but “next-gen Nintendo hardware”.

These were his words:

Q: On which platforms will Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes launch on day 1?

A: As originally promised to backers, the game will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Epic Games Store and Nintendo’s next-gen hardware.

As you can see, they are assuming that in 2023, on the game’s release day, there will be new Nintendo hardware on the market. Regarding the delay, they have shared the following statements:

Q: Is the game delayed and is this due to a publisher’s choice or the Game Pass deal?

A: Of course not. As Murayama said, there is a lot of content and adapting to the challenges presented by Covid-19 has been difficult. We hate to delay the game and there were discussions about when to make that announcement, but we wanted to be up front with everyone as soon as possible, so we explained the delay in last month’s update. We have scheduled the DLC and any other production heavy content in a way that doesn’t create delays as best we could, but still 100 characters built in a hybrid style requires some prototyping and creative exchange which has created a delay and for that we are very sorry.