The most chaotic villager combinations in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the characteristics of the Animal Crossing saga is that of relating to the villagers or neighbours you live with, as is the case with the inhabitants of an island in New Horizons, the latest instalment.

As fans of the Nintendo saga will know, each of these characters has their own sayings, ways of speaking and, above all, their own personalities; which defines, on most occasions, their behaviour with the player and with the rest of the villagers.

The number of neighbours that can live on our island is limited, which is why we have the possibility of planning the combinations we want to see which of all of them is more entertaining or even chaotic (to each person’s taste). If there is a consensus in the community, it is that those villagers with snooty personalities are the most irritating.

On the other hand, there is also a certain peculiarity with villagers with a snobbish personality, as they are only able to get along with other villagers who are grumpy or similarly snobbish.

Finally, if you are looking for absolute chaos, the best way to achieve this is to introduce a villager with a sweet personality to an island where there are also snooty and grumpy villagers; they get along “to kill” with each other, and the island would become a real drama.