The Elder Scrolls: Blades: What’s new in Update 1.14, now available on Nintendo Switch

We have good news for players of The Elder Scrolls: Blades. It seems that the title has recently received a new update, and now we bring you what’s new in it.

It’s version 1.14, with new additions, improvements and more. Here are the patch notes:

The latest update for The Elder Scrolls: Blades is here! Get ready for new event quests, new gear available in the Stamp Shop, and a whole weekend of free skill resets. Below is the full list of changes and fixes:

Equip your best Frost Sword and take on undead ogres and wizards in The Biting Blade, available on 5 June.
Face a series of increasingly deadly champions in the Trial of the Unrepentant, available from 11 June.
Don’t be trapped by the mad servants of the mad god in Prisoner of the Golden Fort, available from 3 July.
Enjoy free gifts at the start of the mid-year celebration on 11 June.
Visit the shop during that week to discover new offers.
On 11 July, weapons of madness arrive in the Stamp Shop.
We’ll have new legendary items in the Stamp Store, including Areldur’s Armor, arriving on June 12, and Spider’s Fang, available on June 26.
High-level variants of bears are now slightly easier to defeat.
Android: Fixed issues with build task notifications not appearing or appearing too early.
Arena: Fixed a bug that prevented the emoticon bar from appearing after fights if an opponent disconnected from a previous fight.
Mission Map: Fixed a button that could appear at the bottom of the screen when exiting the Events menu.
Appearance: Golden Saint gauntlets no longer have extra pieces when a character is wielding a two-handed weapon.
Mobile: Modified the default controls to disable the right stick peek function.
Switch: Fixed a bug that prevented players from closing some Message of the Day notifications in the main menu.
Switch: Fixed a bug that prevented players from accessing the Update Guild button when editing guild information.