Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town shares details of update 1.0.6

A new update is now available for this Nintendo Switch game. It is a patch that the developers have officially released on the console recently for the version of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

Specifically, this version of the game, version 1.0.6, includes several fixes and adjustments that aim to improve the user experience on the hybrid console. You can check out the list of new features below:

Main Game

Adjustments to the Egg Festival when the player participates solo
Adds an additional event when the player participates alone
Makes several changes to make it easier to see who is running a festival
Added the ability to change the name of your child/animals
Added the option to change the name of your child/their animals to the blessings available in the shrine
Improved visual effects when completing town requests
Improved visual effects when upgrading tools.
Improved character behaviour when talking to villagers who are eating, fishing, etc.
Implemented a new message when returning home at 2AM.
Fixed an issue where the game could freeze after a child adoption event when multiple events occurred in a row.
Fixed an issue where the loading screen could freeze when exiting a co-op.
Fixed an issue where the game could freeze during the Mushroom Hunt when picking a mushroom after changing the camera distance in a certain area.
Fixed an issue where the game could freeze when the player interacted with an animal immediately before it returned to its coop or barn.
Fixed an issue where the game could freeze when the game was started without a controller connected.
Fixed an issue where pressing the A button repeatedly while moving in front of an unrepaired farm facility could cause actions that use the A button, such as picking up items, to fail.
Fixed a bug that caused the event to stall if you gave an item to Neil / Felicity for a confession or marriage proposal.
If you have encountered this bug in your game, you need to download this update, fulfil the conditions for a successful confession or marriage proposal, and then give the item again to fix the bug. If your confession/proposal is successful but does not register or if there is no wedding the day after your engagement, it means you have found the bug.
Other minor bug fixes
Windswept Falls Expansion Pack

Adds normal conversations

As shared this update is already available in Japan and will arrive in Europe and America sometime next July, so western players won’t have to wait too long to receive it.