Star Fox programmer interested in creating a return to the origins of the game

Star Fox is a franchise that unfortunately is still missing from the Nintendera scene. Well, today we get some interesting statements about it.

After its last instalment, Star Fox Zero for Wii U in 2016, many fans complained about how awkward the controls were. In a recent interview with GameXplain, Giles Goddard, original programmer of Super Nintendo’s Star Fox, shared the following in regards to returning to the franchise’s origins:

It would be interesting to do a Star Fox, I think. But not the way the others were made… I think it would just go back to the original and not include gimmicks like Zero had. And maybe even do away with the free movement aspects and stuff like that, just… I’d just turn it back into what made Star Fox fun originally. I’d just make one based on that. I don’t know how popular it would be, but we could always try.

If we did it, it would have to be a new… an extremely stylized retro look or a very updated, modern look. But it wouldn’t try to replicate the polygons of the FX Chip… I don’t see the point. We’ve moved past that, we’ve solved that problem, you don’t want to go back to that again… You always want to be doing something new, not going backwards.