Square Enix announces 30th anniversary live stream of the Mana series on June 27th

Good news from Square Enix. Apparently, the company is planning a special anniversary event focusing on the Mana series.

It’s a 30th anniversary livestream for the series that will take place on 27 June at 18:00 local time (more times here). It will be available on YouTube, Niconico and Twitter.

The livestream is expected to feature “a complete look back at the 30-year history of the series, from Final Fantasy Adventure, released in 1991, to the Legend of Mana remaster to be released on 24 June, along with new information about the future of the Mana series from presenters Susumu Imadachi (Eleki Comic), Grezzo game creator Koichi Ishii (voice only) and Mana series producer Sho Oyamada”.