Samurai Shodown is updated to version 2.30 with these new features and previews the arrival of another update

It has already been shared that a new update is now available on this Nintendo Switch game. It is a patch that the developers have officially released on the console recently for Samurai Shodown.

Specifically, this version 2.30 of the game includes the new DLC and several fixes and tweaks that aim to improve the user experience on the hybrid console. You can check the list of new features just below:

  • Added DLC character Shiro Tokisada Amakusa.
  • Fixed other minor issues and features.
  • Nakoruru’s alternate green color can now be selected. You can switch to this color by pressing a given button (whatever the default lightbar button is) while this character is highlighted in the character selection screen.
  • Resolved inaccuracies within the Cham Cham command list.
  • Changes / improvements made to the characters available in full here.

What do you think, have you already updated it? Don’t hesitate to share in the comments if you have found any new features apart from those mentioned in the list.

Finally, we would like to inform you that another update is on its way. It is version 2.31, which has no release date but includes the following:

  • Correction of some tutorial steps that do not continue.
  • Correction of specific fights that do not start in Hibiki’s story mode.