Rumour has it that Amazon has leaked the Nintendo Switch Pro pre-order opening date

It seems that a new rumour related to the supposed Nintendo Switch Pro has been circulating in the last few hours. This time, it relates to the date on which pre-orders for this new model would open.

The information comes from Reddit and unfortunately could not be verified. For this reason, we can neither confirm that it is real nor give it any more credibility than the one shown in the screenshot below. However, we bring you all the details so that you are informed about this new rumour that is gaining momentum since in the past Amazon, where this rumour comes from, has accidentally leaked some products.

In this case, Amazon’s customer service is strikingly attentive to the date on which reservations for this new console will open: 8 June. It is a conversation with a user that indicates this date for the opening of the reservation.

If true, the announcement should be made on Tuesday 8 June or perhaps the day before, Monday 7 June. However, for now there is no further information other than the one shown in the screenshot. The Amazon employee could have been mistaken and may be talking about another product, so we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens this coming week.