Rumour: 2K has Avengers XCOM, Borderlands spin-off and more on the way

A curious rumour has reached us regarding 2K. Apparently, some of the company’s content planned for this year’s E3 may have been leaked.

The information comes from Jeff Grubb, industry expert and GamesBeat journalist, who claims that these leaks are real. It would be the following:

  • An “XCOM-style” version of The Avengers, “XCOM with Marvel heroes” and some “famous actors” will voice the heroes.
  • A new Borderlands spin-off starring Tiny Tina known as Wonderlands similar to the previous instalments.
  • A new sci-fi action game called Codename Volt by Hanger 13 (Mafia III) and described as “Cthulhu x Saints Row”.
  • Dirk Nowitzki will be the cover of NBA 2K22.