Non-concerning “fall in Nintendo shares after E3″ due to the absence of a Switch Pro”

After continuous rumours from reputable “leakers” about the announcement of a Nintendo Switch “Pro” coupled with the proximity of the company’s E3 Direct, expectations for the presentation rose excessively.

Media reports indicate that because of this and the lack of a big announcement as expected, Nintendo shares fell by 0.8% that day and by 3% the following morning, bringing the value of the Japanese company’s shares to 73.23 dollars. Despite this fall, experts on the subject say that it is not worrying, and that the trend over the next few days will be one of stabilisation due to the robust sales of the hybrid console and its leadership in the market.

In addition, there are also voices adding that Nintendo will launch a more powerful revision of its flagship console, although it has been able to delay its announcement due to chip shortages and to arrive alongside the sequel to Breath of the Wild, whose release date was set for 2022.