Nintendo Switch already outsells Xbox 360 and is on the verge of catching PlayStation 3

The latest sales estimates made with confirmed Nintendo Switch sales data from VGChartz point to a new milestone in the console’s history.

According to what was shared, it would already surpass Xbox 360 in total sales. The figures are as follows:

  • Nintendo Switch sold 407,230 units in the week ending 22 May.
  • This would bring its total sales to 86.10 million for both standard and Lite models.
  • Xbox 360’s total sales are 85.80 million.
    Nintendo Switch is also close to PS3’s total sales, which were 87.40 million.
  • It is a little further behind Wii and PlayStation, which have 101.63 million and 102.49 million consoles sold respectively.
  • It is 1.30 million consoles short of PS3, 15.53 million for Wii and 16.39 million for PlayStation. It is also 29.52 million consoles short of PlayStation 4.