Nintendo shares steps to take when faced with a common bug in the latest Switch update 12.0.3

After a few days of waiting and after receiving complaints from many gamers, today Nintendo has finally provided details on how to deal with the bug caused by Nintendo Switch update 12.0.3.

The information has been provided by Nintendo’s support service and relates to the 2123-1502 error code that appears to many users when the connection to the company’s content distribution servers fails, interrupting or not even starting the download of the software they are trying to download from the eShop.

The steps shared consist of a total of 8 different workarounds:

  • Try downloading again:
    • Select OK to close the error message.
    • A message may appear stating that the download was interrupted due to an error. Select Continue to try the download again.
    • If the same error code appears again, try to continue the download a few more times.
    • When the message “Downloading data…” appears, the download should complete normally.
  • Reset your Nintendo Switch. To reset the console, press the Power button for three seconds and select Power Options, followed by Power Off . When the console turns off, press the Power button to turn it back on.
  • Clear the cache on Nintendo Switch (see the steps here).
  • Test your Internet connection to make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the Internet.
  • Create a new Internet connection, making sure you are trying to connect to the correct network and that you are receiving a strong signal from the wireless network.
  • Manually set up an alternative DNS. If the DNS you are trying to use does not work, entering an alternative DNS may solve the problem (see the steps here).
  • Make sure that the MTU configured for the Internet connection is set to the default value (1400) (see the steps to configure it here).
  • Connect to the Internet from a different point or location.