Nintendo explains how they plan to keep the trust of their fans in the long term

As we mentioned earlier this morning, Nintendo today published its new Corporate Social Responsibility report updated to 2021. After learning details about the sustainability and integration plans, we now have more news.

In the report, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa clearly explains the company’s current commitment to its consumers. This is the message he shared:

We have strived for many years to build and maintain strong relationships with our consumers. The trust our consumers place in us as a company is our most important asset. As a company that brings smiles to people through entertainment, Nintendo will continue to offer original products and services to everyone. And we hope that Nintendo’s unique entertainment experiences will help foster communication across generations and borders, deepening community and connections between people.

Our goal of ‘putting smiles on the faces of everyone around us’ includes three priority areas: “Putting smiles on the faces of our consumers”, “Putting smiles on the faces of our supply chain” and “Putting smiles on the faces of our consumers”. To support these priorities, we are engaged in a number of activities, including initiatives that are unique to our subsidiaries in the West and globally coordinated actions.