Nintendo explains how they plan to build on the current success of Switch and their other projects

Following the publication of its new Corporate Social Responsibility report updated to 2021, we continue to receive interesting news on the company’s internal key issues today. In this case, the information focuses on how they plan to maintain the company’s current success.

As you know, Nintendo Switch has been a real milestone in the company’s history, breaking numerous sales records and with a truly extraordinary pace to date. How is Nintendo going to maintain this? They explain in the report:

Our goal is to always deliver new surprises and unique experiences in our entertainment development. With Nintendo Switch and its integrated approach to hardware and software, we aim to deliver original products and services that anyone can enjoy.

The time and energy our consumers have put into gaming has brought Mario and the characters he represents to life, which we believe has allowed them to become familiar to many generations across generations. Consumers have cultivated Nintendo as a brand, and this is a precious asset.

We develop many of our products with the hope that they will be enjoyed by the whole family or together with friends. To help families play with peace of mind, we provide a way for parents to control their children’s play with Nintendo Switch Parental Controls. Through efforts like this, we work to continue to bring smiles to our consumers’ faces in every way, including from a service perspective.