Nintendo avoids commenting on Switch Online improvements, a possible sequel to Ring Fit Adventure and more

Today, Nintendo held another meeting with its shareholders. From this meeting, we now have more statements on some of the topics that Nintendo has been somewhat elusive on.

Aside from commenting on the Switch Pro rumours, the company did not want to specify how it plans to improve its Nintendo Switch Online service. Here’s what Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had to say:

Are you planning to improve the Nintendo Switch Online service?

Furukawa: As hardware sales increase along with the number of subscribers, we would like to strive to keep those who are already subscribers using the services.

It is also unclear whether a sequel to Ring Fit Adventure is on the way:

With the success of Ring Fit Adventure during the pandemic, are you planning a sequel to the game?

Furukawa: Thank you for the question. We can’t say anything at the moment, but we will try our best.

Finally, he also commented on how you plan to appeal to the current generation of parents:

What will you do to appeal to the parent generation as a way to expand the audience with your IPs? The NES Mini was really good, are there plans to expand Nintendo Switch Online beyond NES and Super NES?

Furukawa: I will refrain from giving details on the subject, but we have been making games for 35 years and for many generations, we appreciate your valuable feedback on the Mini series.