New Mario Golf: Super Rush local multiplayer details: split-screen and more

We bring you interesting news regarding the multiplayer modes of Mario Golf: Super Rush. The game’s official websites in America and Japan have been updated with new details, although we warn you that some of them are still a bit confusing.

These focus on the number of players in each local mode. Here is the confirmed information:

  • There are several modes in the game. The single player modes are: Adventure and Single Challenge. The multiplayer modes are: Standard Golf, Quick Golf and Battle Golf.
  • Four-player play is only available in some situations, depending on how you choose to play.
    • Nintendo of America mentions on its website that all multiplayer modes are “2 players per console” only.
    • Nintendo Japan mentions that up to four players can play on one console by taking turns and passing the controller, but the split-screen option will be limited to just two people.
  • Thus, it is confirmed that all modes will allow players to play at the same time, but we will only be able to play split-screen in pairs.
  • Finally, Quick Golf, which is based on simultaneous play, will therefore apparently not feature four-player multiplayer locally.