Monster Hunter Rise: 3.1.0 update review and DLC 4 gameplay available now!

nteresting video related to one of the most prominent Nintendo Switch games of this year. In this case we are talking about Monster Hunter Rise.

The compilation that we leave you below allows us to enjoy a gameplay of the DLC 4 that has received today along with the update 3.1.0. Remember that you have the patch notes here and the new features of the fourth paid DLC below:

  • “Floral Mask” overlay armour piece.
  • Floral Yukata” Overlay Armor Piece
  • Overlay armour piece “Floral Sleeves”.
  • Overlay armour piece “Floral sandals”.
  • Piece of overlay armour Felyne “Floral Yukata F”.
  • Overlay armour piece Canyne “Floral Yukata C”.
  • Gesture set “Traditional dance”
  • Face painting “Cursed flame”
  • Face painting “Third eye”
  • Hairstyle “Bob with ribbon”
  • Voice: Kagero the merchant
  • Voice: Rondine the merchant
  • Music tracks “Kamura Village: Summer Remix”
  • Bubo’s clothing “Summer cabin boy”
  • Bubo’s clothes “Chubby Penguin” Stickers set
  • Sticker set “Special Stickers 3”.

And this is the gameplay: