Mistake in GameStop ad leads fans to think New Nintendo Switch is the name of the new model

As you well know, Nintendo Switch Pro rumors are the order of the day. For this reason, it is not strange that fans are very attentive to the official Nintendo accounts on social networks in case something is announced, as well as the announcement of any store.

Today we bring you one more example of this. It turns out that the American retail chain GameStop has published an ad that encourages users to sell their consoles to earn extra money to spend in the store. The curious thing is that GameStop uses the name “New Nintendo Switch”. This has caught the attention of many fans, thinking that they might be referring to the name of the new model, but it all seems to be due to a mistake.

Here are the details that have been shared:

  • While many people have casually referred to the rumored Switch refresh as “Switch Pro,” “New Nintendo Switch” would make more sense, as Nintendo has used that branding for its New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS hardware refreshes. For that reason, the announcement has set off alarm bells among fans.
  • However, in this case, it appears to be a mistake on GameStop’s part rather than an accidental reveal of the new variant. For example, elsewhere in the ad the console is referred to as the old “Nintendo Switch”. An image of the current Switch is also shown in the ad.
  • Although GameStop refers to the Switch as “v1 and v2,” these terms are related to the original model and the revision with improved battery life, which came out in 2019. It looks like the ‘New’ in ‘New Nintendo Switch’ was accidentally capitalized, because what GameStop is offering here is an in-store cash bonus when people trade in their old consoles for a ‘new’ Switch, Switch Lite or Xbox Series X/S.
  • Forbes has spoken to GameStop store personnel and they had this to say: “I was told that several stores were receiving new shipments of current Nintendo Switch this Tuesday, hence the promotion, and this has nothing to do with the arrival of a new model. So no, this doesn’t seem to reveal anything other than updated shipments.”