Kingdom Come: Deliverance image sparks talk of Nintendo Switch XL

After numerous rumors, Kingdom Come: Deliverance was confirmed yesterday for Nintendo Switch. According to what was shared, the game will be coming to the hybrid console in the future. For now, its concrete release date has not been confirmed, so there will be no choice but to wait until they share it.

However, Warhorse Studios by sharing an image of the game on Switch via Twitter has caused quite a stir among many fans, as it has not gone unnoticed that the console is shown somewhat different from the current model. You can see it below:

This is most likely a Photoshop error, as the studio forgot to take into account the console’s bezel when overlaying the artwork on the screen. However, this has left many wondering whether the rumored, upcoming new Switch model (popularly known as Switch Pro), will really make a big change in features or really only minor changes will be made. One of the hypotheses, based on the path Nintendo followed with 3DS, points out that it could simply be a model with a larger 7-inch screen, so it would be something like a Nintendo Switch XL, but with the same capabilities.

Considering the manufacturing issues the Japanese company has experienced in the past around parts for the hybrid, this would allow Nintendo to give users a console with a high-quality and larger screen, and still manage its current processes and chip supply.

Obviously this is only an assumption and there is nothing to confirm it, besides the logical thing would be that it would have significant changes in terms of hardware to be able to move more fluently the most demanding titles or even titles present in other platforms that right now are unfeasible with the current model.