How to calculate the most common neighbours in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you’re an Animal Crossing: New Horizons player, you may be wondering which are the most common neighbours in the game. Well, there is some data that confirms which ones are most likely to be on our island.

This is based on a series of details that the game’s code contains that determine which are the most common neighbours based on their species and personality. Here is the data:

  • The species with the most neighbours are cat, rabbit, frog, squirrel, duck and teddy bear, which means that, on the one hand, there is more likelihood of having a neighbour of these species, although this also means that it is more difficult to find a specific neighbour of these species as there is more variety within it. This is because when searching for neighbours on mystery islands through Dodo Airlines, the rarity of finding someone you are looking for in New Horizons increases with the number of villagers available of your particular species; for example, finding a particular cat, such as Narcissus, is very difficult because there are so many cats, whereas finding Marina in particular, who belongs to the species that has the fewest neighbours, octopus, is easier. This is because when you arrive on a mysterious island the game first chooses among the 35 species and then chooses a neighbour within the chosen species (e.g. if the game chooses the octopus species there is a 1/3 chance that it will be Marina, because there are only three octopus neighbours).
  • The game always starts with an Athletic neighbour and a Fraternal neighbour on your island, which makes it more likely to have those personalities in the game from the start. However, the next neighbours to arrive on your island will always be of the Normal, Lazy, Lively and Snobby personalities (either by searching on islands for the first three personalities or in the camping area in the case of Snobby), so the Smug and Grumpy personalities are the only ones the game does not force you to have.
  • The personality with the most neighbours is Normal, so you are more likely to have neighbours with this personality.
    Finally, there are neighbours for whom there are no amiibo cards (the new ones from New Horizons), so you can’t invite them to the camping area with these cards and can only get them with these trips to mysterious islands, with Narcissus the cat and Rosezna the most epic and also the most popular. Other popular ones like Munchi do have amiibo cards. If you want to know how rare your dreamy is, here’s the full list in order.