Famicom Detective Club producer confirms interest in creating a new instalment

After the recent release of the Famicom Detective Club remakes on Nintendo Switch, many fans are wondering if we might see all-new instalments in the future. Well, it seems that the people behind the franchise would be interested.

This was shared by the producer of these remakes, Makoto Asada, in a recent interview with Famitsu magazine. In the interview, he confirmed that they would like to offer fans a new game.

Here is what he had to say:

Question: You created a text adventure game full of innovative systems, do you plan to make such a game in the future?

Answer: The idea behind this project was: “Let’s make the best 2D text adventure game”. In fact, there is a part of this work that uses the technology I was thinking of for other works. Thanks to Nintendo and the development staff, I was able to make the best game, but looking back, I think I did something quite reckless. It’s quite difficult to be told to do something of the same level or higher again (laughs). However, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and, if possible, I would like to make a new Famicom Detective Club game using that technology.