Cotton Reboot! and Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll get a Nintendo Switch release

The list of upcoming Nintendo Switch releases has recently been updated, listing new games that are on their way to the console. Here are a couple of them that were confirmed this afternoon.

As in the past, in the list below you can take a look at the games along with their release dates and details:

Cotton Reboot! – 20 July in the West

This game offers seven amazingly colourful stages, where the visual and on-screen conformations really show off this arcade gem at its best. The special effects, pixel-perfect animation, sprites and backgrounds provide unexpected surprises.

Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll – 23 December in Japan

This game retains the traditional Cotton and Silk comic setting, while including not only the shooting game features of the Cotton series, but also those of the shooting games that Success has released around the world.

The 30th anniversary special edition includes:

  • A Nendoroid of Nata
  • Complete works book
  • CD of the original soundtrack to this game

You have the official website here, pending the release of the trailer.