All about the new colours coming to Among Us

No one can deny the popularity of Among Us. On Nintendo Switch itself, it has been at the top of the eShop’s most downloaded games of the week for weeks now. This title has been the subject of some of the most curious news. The last one we shared with you was that someone had paid $99,997.00 for a McDonald’s chicken nugget in the shape of the game’s main characters. The product appeared a few days ago on eBay until it ended up being sold 184 bids later for almost $100,000. That’s pretty crazy.

Today, however, we bring you more news related to the game itself. It turns out that Innersloth, developer and distributor of the game, has recently revealed via its Twitter account a new colour for the popular title: maroon. It joins the list of pink, grey, and tan.

They also set a date for tomorrow, June 10, where they will give more information about the colours and other news coming as part of the Summer Game Fest.

Here is their message:

Among Us is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop from 15 December 2020 and is priced at €4.29. It’s an online and local party game for 4 to 10 players where teamwork and betrayal are essential. And all this, in space!