9 mysteries in the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer and what could be their explanations

We bring more content for the fans who are looking forward to this release. To make the wait easier, a new and interesting video has recently been published on YouTube that you will definitely enjoy.

The short film below poses 9 mysteries from the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. They also share how they could be solved between now and the game’s release in 2022.

Here are the mysteries:

1. there’s something strange about the celestial part of the trailer, with Link travelling between islands that appear to be brand new. It appears to be uncharted territory that we access in the form of drops from the ground.
2. The trailer plays with time by showing a droplet falling backwards or a spiked ball being paralysed and thrown backwards, something that could relate to time travel. It seems that Link will be able to play with time thanks to the powers granted by the hand that possesses him.
3. Link’s appearance changes between the sky and the ground, something that could also be related to time travel. It is suspected that the Link who appears in time could be the original hero of the story told in the first game.
4. Zelda is not the character who flies out of the game and it is unknown what role she will play after she falls off the cliff. The fact that she had shorter hair gave hope that she was playable, although there is no evidence in this video.
5. It is unknown whether the stone robot will be friend or foe as it displays the Sheikah symbol on its arms.
6. Link’s arm appears to be the new Sheikah Stone, so possession would give him powers to paralyze and perform other actions.
7. Link has a very peculiar shield in the sky that seems to show the Triforce symbol and on the ground it shows that a flamethrower can be attached to the shield.
8. The Bokoblins have a longer horn than in the first game, which may indicate that they are more powerful.
9. We still don’t know who the mummy from the first trailer is and what his purpose is.