Why people don’t evolve Corsola of Galar in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield includes tons of new Galar Pokémon. Exploring all of them is a very complex task, and it is normal that some species go unnoticed.

One of them can be Corsola of Galar, which at first glance can be considered an adorable Pokémon but nothing more. Well, if you think so, you are very wrong: here we bring you the explanation of the potential of this Pokémon, so much so that most people don’t evolve it to Cursola.

It goes unnoticed because it is a rather difficult Pokémon to find and many fans lose it when evolving it to Cursola to register it in the Pokédex. Here are its keys:

  • When you are capturing it, it is important that it is not above level 30, because it is at this level when it learns the move Curse.
  • Although Cursola is a very good attacker, Corsola de Galar becomes very powerful if we equip it with the Evolutionary Mineral item, which increases by 1.5 the Defense and Special Defense of any Pokémon equipped with this item as long as it is not evolved.
  • It is recommended to use it with moves such as Absorbeforce, which replenishes your HP depending on the enemy’s attack, Fatuous Fire, which burns the opponent, Whirlwind, which causes damage and also traps the target, subtracting 1/8 of the maximum HP during each turn from 2 to 5 turns, and Darkness, which constantly subtracts an amount of HP equivalent to the user’s level.
  • Other moves can also be used, such as Scald, which also burns, or Misfortune once the opponent is burned.
  • The best ability of Corsola de Galar is his hidden ability, available in the game: Cursed Body, which has a 30% chance to cancel for 4 turns the use of moves that cause physical damage when the opponent uses a physical attack.