Torchlight III adds “Captain Cursed”, new pets and more in new free update

The makers of Torchlight III continue to bring us more exciting content. Specifically, a new free update adds the “Captain Cursed”, a new contract along with quality of life improvements and four new pet types (with 40 variations).

The character description and the trailer for the spring update are available below:

Walking between life and death, Captain Cursed is the undisputed commander of the high seas. This new corporeal class can summon a crew of undead swordsmen during combat or blast enemies with twin cutlasses, powder kegs and other classic pirate weapons. In addition, those who take control of Captain Cursed will be able to collect doubloons in combat to boost their abilities. Captain Cursed has two unique skill trees: Curse and Piracy. Along with these unique abilities, the class also introduces a new type of class-specific armour in Torchlight III: capes.

Torchlight III, developed by Echtra and distributed by Perfect World, is an ARPG where we will have to defeat hordes of enemies with one of the 4 available and highly customizable characters, either alone or accompanied. This title currently has a 50% discount on the Switch eShop, so it can be purchased for €19.99 (its usual price is €39.99). This promotion will be available until 31 May.