This rumour claims that the Switch version of Sky: Children of the Light will have Zelda-inspired items and a Zelda-themed area

Thatgamecompany announced that Sky: Children of the Light, its popular title released on mobile devices, would also be coming to Nintendo Switch in the future. The title is set to hit the hybrid console later this year.

Well, here comes a very interesting rumour related to this title. According to Direct-Feed Games’ “NateDrake”, the Nintendo Switch version of Sky: Children of the Light could include some themed features from The Legend of Zelda franchise. Here are the details that have been shared:

  • Nate says developer thatgamecompany has partnered with Nintendo for the game to receive Zelda cosmetic content, including the famous Ocarina instrument, elven hair and ears, blue and red capes, and a secret area with direct inspiration from the franchise, backed up by files available in the game’s beta.
  • Developer thatgamecompany has not commented on this at this time, so we have to take this as a rumour pending official confirmation.

Sky: Children of the Light is an exploration adventure developed by the authors of Journey, the prestigious team at thatgamecompany, who take us to the clouds to travel, together with other people, through the colourful fantasy world they have brought to life, where generosity and compassion is the key to light the way.

The latest we know about this title is that last April it was confirmed that Sky: Children of the Light will be released in June, with no specific release date yet. It is expected to be available worldwide that month and is expected to be one of the highlights of this year’s E3.