Sumire gets a glimpse in its launch trailer

Sumire, an indie narrative adventure, was confirmed in June last year for Nintendo Switch by its makers, GameTomo. According to what was shared at the time, it was said to be coming soon to the console, although no specific release date was specified. Since then, only a few trailers and little else has been shared.

Well, GameTomo has released the launch trailer for narrative adventure game Sumire, which is coming to Switch today, 27 May, for $14.99 (it’s also available on and PC via Steam).

We’ve got the premise and launch trailer below:

Sumire is an indie narrative adventure that takes you on a day-long journey through a quaint Japanese village. In this enchanted place, a disenchanted girl named Sumire encounters a mischievous spirit who offers her a deal to grant her what she wants most.

But for her wish to come true, she must complete a series of tasks before the sun sets and the special day is over.

Follow Sumire through a series of challenges, big and small, presented by charming forest creatures, quaint villagers and Sumire’s own needs.

You can accept or reject them, but beware: as the day goes on, the path will change and you may never have the same opportunities again.

Discover collectibles, bonus items, skill tests and other challenges (some of them hidden).

Explore a variety of beautiful, lush environments rendered in a painterly style.

Time limit of one day. The sky will change colour from morning promise to gentle sunset and all possibilities will end when the sky turns violet.

It’s worth noting that Sumire is currently 10% off on the Switch eShop, so it can be purchased for €11.69 (its usual price is €12.99). This promotion will be available until 3 June. It has a download size of 2743.00 MB and is available in English and Japanese only.