Similarities between Mario Golf: Super Rush’s Quick Golf Mode and Mario Kart

Recently we were able to learn about a new trailer and more details about Mario Golf: Super Rush, as well as a new batch of data related to this Nintendo Switch title. Specifically, we were able to learn more details about the different modes and features thanks to Nintendo.

Among them is the Quick Golf mode, in which players hit all at once, run to reach the ball, hit it again and accelerate to be the first to sink the ball in the hole. It is important to collect items to regain stamina and dodge obstacles on the course as you run towards the ball. Each character has a special Accelerate to give them momentum and also serves to knock down opponents. But there is another key move for victory, the Special Punch. We can make the ball explode when it hits the ground, make it shoot in a straight line and much more. Each character has unique moves that they can use to take advantage of their opponents. So it’s not all down to your golfing skills, runs and special moves can tilt the course of the game in your favour.

However, this mode does have certain features that are similar to some extent to Mario Kart and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. We’ve got them all below:

  • The aim of both games is to finish the course first.
  • On both Mario Kart and Fast Golf courses, there are sometimes obstacles that get in the way. Running or driving into one of these obstacles will slow players down.
  • In both games there are items that can help players in matches. While Mario Kart offers a variety of items for defending, boosting or attacking others, Fast Golf items are more of a boosting type. Fast Golf players run towards their balls, which depletes the character’s stamina meter. Collecting hearts on the course will replenish stamina to keep characters running. There are also coins scattered around the courses that can be collected. In Mario Kart, the more coins collected, the higher the character’s top speed. It is not known if this is the same in Super Rush, but it is very likely to be the case. Being hit by Special Hits or obstacles causes characters to lose coins, similar to when racers are hit in Mario Kart.
  • Special Accelerations and Special Hits are similar to Mario Kart’s special moves. Each character has their own unique move that plays into players’ strategies, whether it’s to deflect balls on the way or create an explosion to blow them up.
  • Each character also has special traits that help them in matches. Categories such as power, stamina, control and spin are crucial in Super Rush and change the way each character plays. Mario Kart has similar categories, called weight classes, which affect a character’s acceleration, control and top speed.
  • In both there are shortcuts. Finding and exploiting shortcuts on a course will probably be the difference between winning and losing the game. In Mario Kart, there are also shortcuts in the tracks that allow you to get a bit of an advantage over your opponents if you know how to take advantage of them.