SEGA seems to have let slip the official name of the 2022 Sonic game in the press release

Last night we shared a rumour that the name of the new Sonic project for 2022 to be released on Nintendo Switch had been leaked. Well, now we’ve got more information related to it.

Apparently, according to Eurogamer, SEGA has let slip the name of the game itself in the official press release they received. This would be Sonic Rangers, the same one mentioned in yesterday’s rumour.

This is the message the media received:

Announcing new console experiences, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic Rangers, more details on Netflix’s Sonic Prime, mobile news, music events and more!

It is unknown if this is a mistake and if it will finally be the name of the video game. However, the details that accompanied yesterday’s rumour, such as that it will be an open-world game and much more, are now more credible.