Samurai Warriors 5: New characters, post-launch content, trailer and videos

A new and interesting set of videos from one of the most promising games of the moment among Nintendo Switch regulars has arrived once again. This one was recently released by the company behind the title in question, Koei Tecmo, and focuses on Samurai Warriors 5.

In the scenes shown in the compilation, we get to see more minutes of the title from a new live stream. Alongside the videos, we’ve also got details on more characters and post-launch content for the game, which we’ll leave you with below:

The Samurai Warriors 5 characters announced today include ten former non-playable characters who are now ready to fight for the spotlight. These characters feature unique graphics, but since they are more of the game’s supporting cast and not part of the main story, they may not have the unique “Power Attacks” and other features that the 27 previously announced characters employ in battle. However, these characters are fierce and should not be overlooked when it comes to combat.

New supporting cast members include everyone from Nobunaga’s younger brother Nobuyuki Oda to Motonari Mōri’s grandson Terumoto Mōri. Additional historical figures such as Motonobu Okabe, Katsuyori Takeda, Motoharu Kikkawa, Dōsan Saitō, Yoshitatsu Saitō, Yoshiaki Ashikaga, Yoshikage Asakura and Fujihide Mitsubuchi will also be featured.

Samurai Warriors 5 will feature a slew of post-launch DLC. Players will receive all-new stages, background music sets and horses.