Rumour: Universal Display Corporation mentions Nintendo Switch Pro and OLED display in financial results presentation

After some time without rumours about the alleged new Nintendo Switch model that is on the way, we now have unconfirmed news from Universal Display Corporation, a company responsible for the research and development of OLED technology used in various electronic products today.

On 6 May, the company made a statement about Nintendo. Specifically, its president, Steven V. Abramson, mentioned Nintendo specifically as follows:

(…) And in the gaming market, there are reports for us that, for the first time, Nintendo chose OLED display for the new Switch Pro because of the benefits of high contrast and fast response time. OLED adoption continues to expand and fuel the multi-year capital investment growth cycle we are in.

This is striking because it is the first time that both Nintendo Switch Pro and Nintendo’s choice of OLED have been officially mentioned by a company that might even be involved in the development of this project. Furthermore, these statements come from Universal Display Corporation’s financial results presentation, so it wouldn’t make much sense to mention a new Nintendo Switch model if they weren’t sure of its existence.

It certainly adds a little more credibility to previous rumours, although at the moment we can’t confirm anything 100% until Nintendo makes a statement. We’ll have to keep an eye out for more details to see if this company is saying something real or not.