Rumor: Name, plot and more details of new Sonic project leaked for 2022

You probably remember the announcement of a new Sonic project for 2022 confirmed this afternoon by SEGA. Well, now comes an interesting rumor related to it.

In this case, the information includes key details about the title, plot and gameplay. They are as follows:

The metadata of the new Sonic game trailer contains references to the term “Sonic Rangers”, which points to the fact that this could be its title.
Along with this, it is added that this title would offer an “open world” in the style of Breath of the Wild and the following:

This installment includes the “spin cycle” feature and “cyberspace” hints. This same publication mentions that the game is an open-world title that is “populated with small enemies, puzzles and platforming challenges.” Dealing with those obstacles “rewards with experience that can be redeemed in a skill tree.” The skill tree unlocks abilities, such as the “spin cycle” mentioned above. The main objective is to defeat bosses scattered throughout the open world. You get orbs for defeating them, and enough orbs allow you to access “cyberspace” to play Generations-style levels that, when completed, give you an emerald. It will be necessary to collect all the emeralds if you want to complete the game’s story.