Premium Edition Games confirms new physical editions of several Nintendo Switch titles

Good news for fans of games in physical format. Premium Edition Games is a distributor that usually offers three packs: Premium, Retro and Deluxe. Each of them features different elements.

Well, Premium Edition Games has confirmed its next big projects. Here are all the details below:

  • Demon’s Tier+ (a fun dual-stick roguelike) and A Robot Named Fight (a procedural generation game similar to Metroid) will be released on 15 June.
  • Pre-order is also open for Sunshine Manor, an intriguing horror-RPG that was confirmed for release relatively recently. It’s an edition that the publisher successfully funded via Kickstarter, and appears to be a spin-off of sorts from the main shop releases.
  • The most notable announcement from the physical distributor to date is Cathedral, which will be part of its next “season” of titles. Coming at a later date, its announcement has only been a “teaser” at this stage.