Pokémon and Final Fantasy VII Remake come together in Laxidaze, a cyberpunk ARPG seeking Kickstarter funding to come to Nintendo Switch

Here comes confirmation of a new indie project aiming for Nintendo Switch. It was recently announced by its developers.

Laxidaze, an indie cyberpunk ARPG inspired by Pokémon and Final Fantasy VII Remake, is reportedly coming to the hybrid console in 2023 if it gets funded in the Kickstarter campaign that kicks off next week. We don’t have a more concrete release date at the moment, so stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, you can find the feature list and trailer for this indie title below:

  • Create your own team of bounty hunters and recruit other bounty hunters and Nanims (tameable monsters) to aid you in your quest to liberate Cascadia.
  • Fight in the wilds of Cascadia in a real-time third-person combat system or use the game’s tactical mode to slow down time and choose your moves.
  • Use your reward earnings to manage and upgrade your home and community.
  • Explore the urban and wild landscapes of Cascadia and discover its many cities, quirky citizens and hidden secrets.
  • Recruit, evolve and fight alongside Nanims as you complete quests in Laxidaze.
  • Level up your companions’ friendship bonds by hanging out with them (and even having an affair!) to unlock new armour, quests and weapons.
  • Play with your friends in various co-op dungeons and battle arenas or fight to see who has the best build in PvP battles.