Nintendo claims excerpts from Epic-Apple dispute contain “sensitive information” from negotiations with Microsoft

Many of you will probably remember that in recent weeks we have been receiving leaked information from the legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple. However, in the aftermath of the dispute, information regarding other companies, including Microsoft and Nintendo, has also come to light.

Well, it seems that Nintendo has been annoyed by some of these statements that are being shared. Now the Big N has said that some leaks coming from an Xbox development executive “reflect competitively sensitive information about the negotiations between Nintendo and Microsoft” and that is why it wants to seal them. They include references to xCloud and Game Pass.

These are formal requests from Nintendo and other companies, including more recent testimony from the Apple/Epic trial. It is unclear what will happen with this kind of content, but it seems that Nintendo’s intention is that nothing will come to light that could compromise the rumoured partnership they seem to have with Microsoft.