LiEat will be released on Nintendo Switch this May 27th

We bring you confirmation of a new indie title for Nintendo Switch. The details have been offered today by the people behind it. We’re talking about LiEat.

As we have learned, the title will be available on May 27th for $9.99 on the console’s eShop. Here’s the premise and the trailer:

Efina is a very special young girl. She’s curious. She is optimistic. She has the power to make lies manifest as physical beings, which then become her own livelihood.

She is also a dragon.

LiEat is a role-playing game that follows Leo, an informant-slash-scammer, and Efina, a lie-eating dragon, as they adventure through a strange world, buying and selling secrets as they try to discover the truth about themselves.

Face puzzling incidents, as well as a host of unusual characters along your journey, as you gradually uncover Leo and Efina’s past history.