Guerilla Collective Showcase returns in time for E3 2021

We continue to receive news in the run-up to E3 2021. The news was confirmed this afternoon with the announcement of a new Guerilla Collective Showcase event.

According to the announcement, Media Indie Exchange are planning two broadcasts with announcements on the first two Saturdays in June. In total, there will be more than 80 games showcased in the live streams with “a wide variety of games, footage, guests and news-filled presentations”. Here are the dates:

5 June

– 8 AM PT
– 11 AM ET
– 4 PM UK
– 5 PM Europe

12 June

– 8 AM PT
– 11 AM ET
– 4 PM in UK
– 5 PM in Europe

And these are the participating companies:

  • 2Awesome Studio (Rainswept)
  • 505 Games (Control, Bloodstained)
  • Akupara Games (Mutazione)
  • All in! Games (Ghostrunner)
  • Goblinz Studio (Banners of Ruin)
  • Fellow Traveller (Genesis Noir)
  • Good Shepherd (Monster Train)
  • Grafitti Games (Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion)
  • Humble Games (TemTem)
  • Headup Games (Bridge Constructor)
  • Hypetrain Digital (Breathedge)
  • Innersloth (Among Us)
  • tinyBuild (Hello Neighbor)
  • Neon Doctrine (Doors of Insanity)
  • Perfect World (Torchlight III)
  • Raw Fury (Call of the Sea)
  • Superhot (Superhot)
  • Thunderful (Lonely Mountains: Downhill)
  • Versus Evil (The Banner Saga)
  • Whitethorn Games (Calico)