Free Super Bomberman R Online game coming to Nintendo Switch this May 27th

Earlier today we got to know an updated release window for one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo Switch players. In this case, we’re talking about Super Bomberman R Online, confirmed a while ago for the hybrid console.

Now Konami shares that this game will be released on May 27th. This way, fans already know from when they will be able to get it on Nintendo Switch for free.

We’ll keep an eye out for more details to be shared between now and the release date available at this time. Here’s a reminder of the premise and trailer:

When Bomberman returns with the gameplay that has made the franchise a classic party game: traverse battlefields, find hidden power-ups and use them to defeat your enemies, the action in Super Bomberman R Online explodes to new heights with the “Battle 64” mode. Offering the ultimate Battle Royale experience, up to 64 players are spread across 16 starting battlegrounds. As levels are cleared and players are whittled down, the number of battlegrounds continues to shrink until the ultimate final battle to be the last bomberman standing.