Empire of Angels IV, the promising all-female tactical RPG, confirms date, price and new trailer

The developers of this promising release continue to bring us more interesting content. In particular, a new trailer for Empire of Angels IV for Nintendo Switch was recently released on YouTube.

The video in question allows us to take a look at more scenes of this promising game that is on its way to the hybrid console, focusing on its intro. It’s also confirmed to be available on 24 June on the eShop and in physical format for €19.99. We’ve got it for you below:

With a fresh take on Asgard’s history, Empire of Angels IV introduces its lore, characters and mechanics with no prior knowledge required to enjoy this new adventure. The game is flexible and accessible for newcomers to the genre, but sub-objectives and a comprehensive performance rating system add levels of challenge that strategy veterans will no doubt appreciate. Deep fantasy-themed political intrigue and the looming terror of war are balanced with lighthearted character interactions, everyday humour, seductive designs and the ability to shatter the armour of your all-female opponents.