Developer of Tank Troopers for 3DS shares how Nintendo scrapped a port they had in mind for Switch

Interesting statements continue to come from Giles Goddard, former Nintendo programmer and founder of Vitei. Vitei was responsible for releasing Tank Troopers on Nintendo 3DS and apparently considered a Nintendo Switch version as well.

Goddard confirmed this in a recent meeting with MinnMax. Apparently, the studio had a working version of Tank Troopers ready for Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo scrapped it just as they did a multiplayer mode that was planned for the Nintendo 3DS version, for no apparent reason.

Goddard claims that this multiplayer worked very well, but was then removed “for some unknown reason”. As for the Nintendo Switch port, he says it “looked great at very high resolution”. However, he says that Nintendo felt it wasn’t worth releasing on Nintendo Switch, which was a disappointment for him. Even so, he adds that the engine used in Vitei allowed them to carry out a fairly straightforward porting process, as it was based on a simple scale that mainly consisted of increasing the resolution.