Dead by Daylight details Resident Evil chapter: date, price, details and new trailer

This very afternoon a new and interesting video has been published related to one of the most prominent video games in the Nintendo Switch catalogue. We are indeed talking about Dead by Daylight.

In the short film below we can take a look at some scenes from the title focusing on its Resident Evil chapter, which was confirmed a while ago. It will be released on June 15 for $11.99 and includes an exclusive bonus amulet: Umbrella Corporation. Here it is, along with its official description:

One of the most anticipated chapters of Dead by Daylight, Resident Evil Chapter welcomes two new Survivors: Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine. Leon S. Kennedy, a highly acclaimed character from the renowned franchise, dedicated his life to protecting civilians from the calamities of the Umbrella Corporation and now spends his life fighting to survive. Just as beloved by fans, Jill Valentine is a brilliant STARS officer who managed to survive the Incident as well as make it out of the collapse of Raccoon City alive before The Entity took it over.

Each Survivor will come with three perks that fans will be delighted to enjoy. Flashbang, one of Leon’s perks, marks the first time players have seen something similar. Upon reaching a certain rate of repair progress on generators, Leon will be able to hide in a locker and craft a flashbang grenade, which can then be used to distract or temporarily blind the assassin.

Those who prefer to play as Killer will also be rewarded, as they will be able to embody Resident Evil’s own Nemesis, known in the game as The Tyrant. This monstrous character can infect Survivors with his powerful tentacle attacks. The more he infects them, the more power he gains as the range of his tentacle increases. To counter its damaging attacks, Survivors can rely on vaccines scattered throughout the maps. Available in limited quantities, the vaccines will help alleviate the Survivors’ infection and allow them to continue their mission to repair generators, open doors and save their lives.

Beware of Zombies

For the first time in Dead by Daylight’s history, the Resident Evil chapter will feature an AI-assisted killer. In addition to avoiding Nemesis’ deadly attacks, the Survivors will also have to watch out for lurking zombies waiting to bite them. These AI-controlled monsters will bring a new dynamic to the already tense game of hide-and-seek and will require the Survivors to adapt and develop new strategies.

Escape from Raccoon City Police Station

In addition to stepping into the shoes of these famous characters, players will also get the quintessential Resident Evil experience as they explore a new map: the Raccoon City Police Station, a now decrepit relic of what was once a landmark for justice and one of the city’s best spots.