Active Life: Outdoor Challenge, Bandai Namco’s Wii game with Miis, has been rated by the ESRB for Nintendo Switch.

Active Life: Outdoor Challenge could be on its way to Nintendo Switch. This is what a recent listing from ESRB, the US video game age rating system, points to.

According to what was shared, this title has recently been rated by the system for Nintendo Switch. For now there is nothing officially announced, so we will be watching for more details. However, we remind you that such listings usually precede a later official announcement.

In the meantime, we remind you that the game was originally released for Wii by publisher and developer Bandai Namco in 2008 as a fitness game in which you use motion controls to control the Mii character in different activities. Here you have its premise and a trailer:

Get in on the action with Active Life: Outdoor Challenge! Use the special mat with the Wii Remote for more than a dozen fun and fast-paced activities. Play alone or with a friend in competitive and cooperative challenges. Move your body in a list of heart-pumping activities such as canoeing, in-line skating, log-jumping, stomping and mines – train your body!