10 details you may not know about Professor Mirror in New Pokémon Snap

As all you Pokémon fans know, Professor Mirror is the Pokémon professor of the Lensis region in New Pokémon Snap. Well, he’s the one we’ll be talking about today, as Screenrant has shared 10 interesting details about him that you may not know.

Here they are:

  1. His name is relatively “unique”: So far, every major Pokémon game has had a teacher whose surname is synonymous with a real-life tree, but he breaks this rule.
  2. He’s a calm, analytical type: Even when the player encounters intense situations, Mirror is primarily concerned with data, and how to get the best possible images.
  3. He uses learning by doing: Before the player arrives in Lensis, Espejo relies on his assistant and mentee, Rita, to go and take pictures for him. He is clearly comfortable letting others do the dirty work for him while he watches from afar.
  4. He’s esteemed in his field: No one has put as much effort into studying and exploring Lensis as Mirror, earning him a well-deserved position as one of the most renowned teachers in the Pokémon universe.
  5. He’s a talented engineer: Mirror created the NEO-ONE. This vehicle not only protects the player from certain damage, but can also teleport the player from one place to another. The fact that Mirror built it himself speaks volumes about his skill and ingenuity.
  6. He is ambitious: Mirror is always on the lookout for the next big achievement in his research career. It’s not that he’s intentionally insensitive, he’s just delighted to finally make progress on something he’s dedicated his life to.
  7. He’s an old friend of Todd’s: At a certain point in the beginning of the campaign, the player will meet Todd (the protagonist of the first Pokémon Snap game). When asked how they know each other, Mirror will first praise Todd for his accomplishments and then explain that they used to travel together.
  8. He’s an excellent mentor: It’s clear from the way he’s treated by the player, Rita and Phil (Todd’s protégé) that he’s a phenomenal mentor. He constantly gives them interesting things to do, and when they do them, he’s encouraging and kind.
  9. He genuinely cares: Mirror has been dedicated to studying the Lúmini phenomenon since he was a child. His childhood fascination has stayed with him well into his adult life, beyond his carefree days as a young traveller.
  10. He is single: Mirror does not wear a ring on his finger, nor does he mention a partner, so he is single. This is normal on the other hand, as his life is focused on research and he doesn’t seem to have time for anything else.