What’s going on between Nintendo and Microsoft / Xbox? All about their rumoured joint plans

It seems that the rumours about hidden plans between Nintendo and Microsoft / Xbox just keep coming and coming. Here we bring you a small compilation of everything that has been speculated so far in the last few weeks.

The truth is that these rumours started to circulate almost two months ago from a live stream in which Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, showed a bunch of stuff on his shelf. It’s become customary for these items to be clues to future plans, so fans paid close attention to what he had on display.

The highlights were a Kojima Productions Ludens figure and a Nintendo Switch. Subsequently, in a recent GamesBeat podcast, journalist Jeff Grubb shared that “just about everything” on Phil’s shelves meant something, including that Switch. On top of that, a semi-reputable Reddit user named “Shpeshal Ed” claimed that something was going on between Nintendo and Xbox.

Fans are wondering what the two companies could be up to, from Master Chief in Smash Bros. to Xbox Game Pass on Nintendo Switch, a hybrid console between the two companies and other crazy stuff.