They point out that Build-A-Bear’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons plush toys are a missed opportunity for these 4 reasons

The announcement of the official Animal Crossing: New Horizons plush toys created by Build-A-Bear originally caused a lot of excitement. When the Cinnamon and Tom Nook plushies were unveiled, their pre-orders also skyrocketed.

However, it seems that some fans are a little disappointed. That’s what ScreenRant has pointed out, where they share some of the reasons why they’re a little disappointed by these plushies.

They are as follows:

  • There is little variety at the moment and they haven’t taken any risks with the announced characters.
  • There are many similar plushies of these two characters on the market.
  • They cannot be personalised
  • You can’t change their clothes

If we put the four reasons together we can see that it is true that it seems to be a wasted opportunity. We’ll have to see if anything changes in the future, as they are planning to launch at least a third plush toy this summer.